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laura bari


Director, producer, editor & cinematographer

Originally from Argentina, producer & filmmaker laura bari currently resides in Montreal. Fascinated by singularity and difference, she choses film as a way to merge arts, culture and mental health. Founder of Besofilm, laura made three features experimental documentaries, Antoine (2009), Ariel (2013) and Primas (2017). She is now co-producing a Martina Moor film; Touché (2021). 

She signs her first short film : Si (2020).

Martina Moor - Director & editor

Director, grew up in Milan. After graduating in Visual and Performing Art at IUAV in Venice, she moved to London where gained a MA in Directing Documentary at Goldsmiths University. She has been an artist in residence twice- living in Montreal and south of India. She co-directed the future length film, I want to be weird, currently in postproduction. Her experimental video Little pol has been shown in galleries and festivals such as Artissima, Torino 2011. In 2012 she worked on the editing of Ariel, and in 2017 on the editing of Primas.

Jorge Zavagno - Post Production Supervisor​

Born in Argentina, and moving to Canada as a teenager, Jorge Zavagno joins the team as post-production advisor. With seven years of experience in IMAX, 35mm and digital films, he is responsible for post production supervision, managing the editing and ensuring that the post-production runs smoothly. Jorge was the post-production supervisor for Ariel. He is the founder of Lunera Productions.

Beniamino Barrese - Cinematographer

Beniamino Barrese, director of photography, graduated with Honors in Political Philosophy, moved to the UK where he gained a MA in direction of photography at the NFTS. He worked on different short films, commercials, music videos and documentaries, both live action and animation projects – including a fiction short, ‘Remnants’, selected at the 54th BFI London Film Festival. As photographer he collaborates with Italian magazines KULT and LOOK LATERAL. And recently Director of The Disappearance Of My Mother.

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Azul Bari - Graphic Design

Giulia Palomino - Animations

She graduated in Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV, in Venice, and then completed an Ma in Communication Design, specialising in illustration, at Central Saint Martins, in London. Her work consists mainly of drawings, collages, and hand drawn and experimental animation. She concentrates mostly on human interaction, displaced from the space of the mundane to her own whimsical world.

Claudia Mendoza - Production manager

After studying communications in Buenos Aires, Claudia has as a production director on many documentaries and featured projects. 

Mauro Franzen - Sound department

Presently based in Berlin, Mauro Franzen is a musician and sound technician from Argentina. After completing his studies in musical production, he worked on over 15 featured film sets.

Lucy Riddell - Creative producer

Lucy is based in Montreal and in the past  twenty years, she has initiated and participated in many multidisciplinary artistic projects.

Juliette Forster - Director & producer

Growing up in Switzerland, where she graduated in film directing at the University of Applied Science and Arts Zürich. After a nomad life, working on various film / theater and art projects, living several months in Chile and China, she arrived in Montréal in 2012. A devout believer in the force of documentary movies, as an extraordinary way to get people curious, open and sensible about what’s happening around the world and right next door, she decided to focus all her energy into the production of documentaries. 


Maïa Bonpunt - Production Assistant, Editor

Moving to Montreal from France to study Cinema she has been an indispensable production assistant, editor and intern. 

Chloë Saint-Denis - Director, Producer and Editor Assistant

Geography and Field Studies graduate from McGill, Chloë pursued her interest in film making with her first documentary in Panama "A Kuna Tale". Her boundless curiosity in the self and in others’ livelihood merged with her artistic endeavors made her use film as a tool to empower the voiceless and to raise awareness. 

Irene Boleda - Director, Audio Visual Multimedia Artist, Post Production Coordinator & Assitant Editing

In 2009 Irene graduated with distinction in Film Production at Concordia University. She works on experimental and documentary filmmaking as well as audio visual multimedia installations.

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