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laura bari


director & producer

Originally from Argentina, Laura Bari has lived in Montreal for 35 years. Fascinated by difference and singularity, she chose cinema to bring together art, culture, education, and mental health. In her films as well as in her poems and paintings, she integrates the real and the imaginary, that duality inherent to the human condition, which inhabits the singular protagonists of her work.


Inspired by the unknown heroes of everyday life, recounting their chronicles is for her a necessity, a form of living, a commitment that successively inks and liberates the visible and the invisible. The lives of these characters, at once beautiful and hideous, desperate, and happy, necessary, and uncertain, become a work - a tool for individual and social transformation.


With PRIMAS (2017), Laura Bari completes a trilogy of feature documentaries. (ANTOINE - 2009, Eyesteelfilms, besofilm); the imaginary life of a beautiful, blind, five-year-old Montreal boy. A Vietnamese-born detective. An award-winning film that has been screened at least thirty festivals/cinemas around the world. His second film ARIEL - 2013, NFB, Parabola, besofilm) is about a man who rebuilds his own orthopedic legs after a terrible work accident. The film has won awards and been invited to a dozen festivals/cinémas. PRIMAS -2017-18, Greenground - besofilm) is a portrait of Rocío and her cousin Aldana, two Argentinean teenagers who suffered atrocious crimes during their childhood. They learn about the performing arts. In this way, they will express through their bodies what their point of view, their imagination and their unfailing resilience can reveal. this film won multiple prices and plays around the world.


She is currently writing her first book of poetry: “The body is a house without grandparents”.

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