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Originally from Argentina, filmmaker writer & producer laura bari currently resides in Montreal where she founded besofilm and where, since 1990, she is professor at Superior’s Studies Educational Cégep du Vieux Montréal. Fascinated by singularity and difference, she choses film as a way to merge arts, culture and mental health. She recently finished a trilogy of feature films; sensitive portraits of survivors and the complexity of their intimacy and their socio-cultures.  Antoine (2009) eyesteelfilm / besofilm production, her first full-length film as producer / director, about the imaginary life of a blind boy, was shown at some 30 festivals around the world, winning 15 prizes. Her second film as producer / director, Ariel (2013) a parabola / besofilm production, is a journey of a man who rebuilds his identity after a terrible accident. Awarded as well, this film participated to a dozen of festivals, and distributed in cinemas. Primas (2017) a greenground / besofilm production. This feature film is an intimate and metaphorical portrait of two Argentinean adolescents, who survives to horrendous crimes during their infancies. Multi-awarded, this film is still on the road.

With Si (2020), – the first of ten shorts dedicated to unknown heroes – laura signs her first short film. She presents her paintings, poems, to miror these times where synchronicity is more than knowledge.

Her projects pushes the boundaries between the inner and the outer, the possible and the impossible, between reality and dreams.

laura bari, is now co-producing Touché (2021); a Martina Moor film which takes the audience inside the Nathalie's world. As an athlete, as a girl-friend, as a daughter loosing her father she musts master her mind, but, spotlights are the inner desire of the young Italian world champion's fencer.

laura bari


director & producer

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