Art Essai film, HD 7'17 min., VO English, French, Spanish, sbt. English, Montreal 2020

“Si is a political poem – a fearless dialogue of death and horror that moves from inside the body-mind to the outside, and back again; revealing the state of intimate, private and public systems.

In Montreal, a woman looks out at the world from her window, surfs the Internet, and listens to the news. She paints, writes and reads, combining what is coming at her from her inner world and that from the animal and insect world. Quarantine reality is a clear and absolute oxymoron. Si is a juxtaposition of a woman’s subjective point of view, embracing the sense of living alone and together.

I made this film – the first of ten dedicated to unknown heroes – to build a zone of common consciousness and a place where the metamorphosis-through-art could be possible.” – laura bari





Director and Writer





Line Producer                                                      

Paintings Camera Voice


Sound Design                                                            






laura bari

laura bari    


hope norman

laura bari

maïa bonpunt

laura bari