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Si dodécalogue

Art Essai film, HD 7'17 min., VO English, French, Spanish, sbt. English, Montreal

Dedicated to unknown heroes, "SI, dodecalogue" is a series of twelve documentaries poetic essays that reveal significant events from the perspective of a claustrophobic woman living in Montreal.
It is during periods of confinement and occasional escapes that a woman, also suffering from memory loss and progressive immobility, looks at the world through windows and reacts to the brilliance of her time.
With the radio always on, she writes, paints, films; she gets information on the web; she interacts with her animals, insects, objects and her own dreams. She will however, try to weave a link with the other, her neighborhood, her city, the health system and with her socio-culture which will contain her, or not.

– laura bari





Director and Writer





Line Producer                                                      

Paintings Camera Voice


Sound Design                                                            






laura bari

laura bari    


hope norman

laura bari

maïa bonpunt

laura bari

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