Art Essai film, HD 7'17 min., VO English, French, Spanish, sbt. English, Montreal 2020

« Si, dodécalogue » is a series of documentary political poems dedicated to unknown heroes - Either filmed, said or painted, it reveals the state of the intimate, private and public systems of a person living in Montreal between 2020 and 2022.

These twelve uncountable dialogues move fearlessly from the inside of the body to the outside of it and vice versa.

Each episode features life-changing stories, the city of Montreal, and thoughts in three languages.

This work is circumscribed in a space that exceeds all logic, all affection, and all freedom: that of having to be so alone and so together at the same time. – laura bari





Director and Writer





Line Producer                                                      

Paintings Camera Voice


Sound Design                                                            






laura bari

laura bari    


hope norman

laura bari

maïa bonpunt

laura bari