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Touché | Roma Documentary Festival | December 1 and 2


"Touché" is an intimate portrait of a champion fencer, filmed over 10 years. Nathalie has a dream she has been pursuing since childhood: a gold medal in fencing. An ambition that becomes wearisome and mingles with obsession. A complicit and demanding father, a master of life who pushes her to try any path to victory. A legendary coach. Three Olympics with two different flags. 10 years of challenges, many defeats and few victories.


DIRECTOR: Martina Moor

PRODUCTION: Pilippo Macelloni for NANOF and Rai Cinema/ Playtime Films / Besofilm

PHOTOGRAPHY: Beniamino Barrese

EDITING: Adelina Bichis, Martina Moor, Anna Savchenko, Giorgia Villa

SOUND: Michele Braga

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Margaret Hermant

FESTIVAL: Best Documentary Salinadocfest / Visions from the World


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